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Bred from an unusual strain of Midwest stock, Green Greenwald spent his formative years in Milwaukee and is enjoying his adolescence in Northern California. He has a diverse background in a fairly pleasing foreground.

With a portfolio of art schools, rock bands, radio stations, and an uncanny ability for the absurd, Green brings the eye of a seamstress, the hands of a brick layer, the feet of a bowler, and severe lack of restraint necessary to meld nicely and fill in all those little spaces where leaks can so easily begin. “A really large piece with some color is actually better than an egg with fur,” he would muse, throatily.

Well put, and we certainly concur.

Green Greenwald
born Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1940

-University Wisconsin Milwaukee 1958-1961
-Layton School of Art, Milwaukee 1961-1964

-Formed “Shags” in 1963, an “Art Band” doing performance pieces, recordings, and touring through 1971.

-Moved to San Francisco 1968, continued playing music, executing large murals, creating and showing sculptures in northern California galleries.

-Moved back to Wisconsin to become the “Space Commander,” a disc jockey, through 1978. Concentrated on paintings, interior design, and graphics.

-Moved to Sebastopol, California in 1979 to become groundskeeper of private estate, caring for Koi ponds and formal Japanese gardens; pursued sculpture and painting. Began “tongue in cheek” Saint / Guardian Angel paintings.

-Enrolled in Sonoma State University printmaking department in 1981. Returned to lithography, performance pieces and installations.

-Opened “Another Planet” with Richard Duben and began making “Electric Totems” and light sculptures from 1987 to 1992.

-Moved to Guerneville, California in 1989 and renewed the “Byzantine” Saint / Guardian Angel series of large paintings.

-Completed twenty large abstract paintings, the “Extravaganza” series from 1997 to 2000.

-Executed series of “Koi Poems” and “Koi Totems” – paintings, sculptures and lithographs from 2000 to 2003.

-Concluded 24 large paintings of Women in Fashion and 44 wood cut-outs of Portraits of Women's Heads from 2003-2007.

-Completed a series of 30 Chinese Landscapes – “The Counterfeit Chinese Chronicles” from 2007 to 2011. 42 wood “Studies” were also finished during this period.

-Currently developing a new Saint / Guardian Angel series of paintings